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The Response Team Inc.



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Course Description
Train the Trainer Advanced Level is designed to prepare course participants become ICS Canadian Instructor to deliver ICS Canada I-300 and I-400 curricula.

Delivery and Length
This classroom-based Instructor facilitated course requires a minimum of 14 hours for presentation, exclusive of breaks. The course is interactive and provides an opportunity for course participants to participate in a variety of group and team-teaching exercises.

Learning Outcomes
At the successful completion of this course, participants will be able to demonstrate an understanding of how to deliver the I-300 and I-400 as an Instructor facilitator in a classroom setting. Course participants may then make application to the responsible AHJ for recognition as an ICS Canada Instructor. ICS training materials will not be provided to course participants until they are recognized as Instructor.

a)Successful completion of recognized I-300 and I-400 courses.
b)Service as Incident Commander or in a command or general staff position in an incident that required multi-agency coordination and went beyond one operational period or required a written Incident Action Plan (IAP) within the previous five years.
c)Recognized qualifications in techniques of instruction and adult education methodologies.

Testing and Evaluation Procedures
There is no formal final exam; the instructor delivering the course will assess understanding of the concepts by course participants through group discussions and team activities.

Target Audience
Agencies are responsible to determine who within their organization will deliver ICS training.

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