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The Response Team Inc.

ICS 200

ICS 200

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Course Description

I-200 defines the unique qualities of ICS as an event or incident management system. This course focuses on the management of single resources. I-200 provides training for personnel who are likely to assume a supervisory position within the ICS.

Delivery and Length

This course is Instructor facilitated and requires a minimum of 14 hours for presentation, exclusive of breaks. It is recommended that this course be delivered over 2 days.

Minimum: 12 Students

Maximum: 24 Students

Learning Outcomes

At the successful completion of this course participants will be able to demonstrate basic knowledge of ICS through:

• Leadership and Management: chain of command, formal communication relationships, common leadership responsibilities, span of control and modular development, and position titles.

• Delegation of Authority and Management by Objectives: scope of authority and the process by which authority is delegated.

• Management by objectives and Transfer of Command

• Functional Areas and Positions: introduction to the process used to manage an incident, the function of organizational positions, and demonstration of the use of an ICS 201 form.

• Briefings: operational briefings and field, staff and section briefings/meetings.

• Organizational Flexibility: modular organization expansion and contraction, complexity analysis, five types of incidents, and the importance of preparedness plans and agreements.


The prerequisite for I-200 is I-100.

Target Audience

Typically, the following applicants would be included: responder level—emergency response providers and disaster workers who are entry level to supervisory level, including emergency medical service personnel, firefighters, medical personnel, police officers, public health personnel, public works/utilities personnel, and other emergency management response personnel.

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