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The Response Team Inc.

ICS 402

ICS 402

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Course Description

I-402 introduces the Incident Command System (ICS) and provides the foundation for executive understanding and participation in the ICS. This presentation provides a basic understanding of ICS, unified and area command, and multi-agency coordination to those persons responsible for establishing or implementing policy, but who normally are not a part of the on-scene ICS organization. The presentation also discusses responsibilities and information transfer between Executives and Incident Commanders.

The target audience includes executives, administrators, and policy makers involved with emergency planning and response or recovery efforts.

Delivery and Length: The presentation of the 402 will take approximately two hours. The course is intended to be delivered in a lecture format presented by an ICS Canada Instructor.

Learning Outcomes:

At the successful completion of this presentation participants will be able to demonstrate a basic knowledge of the Incident Command System to endorse and support site operations from an executive or administrative view.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for the I-402.

Testing and Evaluations Procedures:

There is no exam or evaluation procedure associated with the I-402.

Target Audience: Typically, required personnel include executives, administrators and policy makers.

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